Analysis & opinion

24 November 2016

Dr Scott King and Dr Graham Crofts from UK law firm Gill Jennings & Every say that it's never too early to put in place an intellectual property strategy

26 October 2016

As part of his column for Electro Optics magazine, Carlos Lee, director general of the European Photonics Industry Association (EPIC) discusses how to prioritise events

14 October 2016

Jessica Rowbury covers an autonomous vehicle panel session from October's Inpho Venture Summit, where the role of photonics was discussed

14 October 2016

In May 2015, the US government proposed changes to US export controls covering many key photonics technologies, causing concern within the industry. Following the release of the final export controls this week, SPIE's Jennifer Douris discusses the final regulation and its impact on the photonics community

10 October 2016

Although photonic integrated circuits are now used commercially, there are still issues when fabricating photonic chips. Iñigo Artundo, CEO of VLC Photonics and a speaker at September's Photonic Integration Conference, outlines the business considerations that come with photonic integration

30 September 2016

Matthew Dale reports from an EPIC meeting on laser material processing from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, and finds that Lithuania has a lot to offer in terms of photonics expertise

15 September 2016

On 14 September, the scientific community celebrated the anniversary of gravitational wave detection. Professor Martin Hendry from the University of Glasgow, whose team helped construct the LIGO facilities, discusses the work that preceded last year's discovery and what the future holds for the field of gravitational-wave astronomy

11 August 2016

Ruth Walker, associate European patent attorney at Gill Jennings and Every, discusses how optical technologies are helping to prevent food counterfeiting, and the patent issues that come with this

10 August 2016

Wenko Süptitz, head of German high-tech industry association, Spectaris discusses what companies in Germany and the UK should consider following the UK's decision to leave the European Union

08 July 2016

Dr Cristina Penine and Peter Finnie, from law firm Gill Jennings & Every, discuss the emerging patent issues surrounding 3D printing

30 June 2016

Jessica Rowbury rounds up reaction from the European photonics sector on Britain's decision to leave the European Union

23 June 2016

Researchers from EU-funded project 'RAIS' discuss collaboration with industry partners and potential market barriers for their point-of-care diagnostic system