Laservision's new eye protection caps called Cap2protect use a self-adhesive instead of the typical head strap


Ocean Optics' UK lighting channel partner Pro-Lite has announced the release of the Torus, a miniature spectrometer tuned for the visible wavelength ranges of 360 to 825nm

VisionTune LED screen correction service

Pro-Lite has launched VisionTune, an LED screen correction service, in cooperation with Radiant Imaging. The system uses a ProMetric imaging photometer to adjust the colour and brightness of each LED in a display

Ge and InGaAs photodiodes and APDs

Pro-Lite distributes a range of germanium (Ge) and indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) photodiodes and avalanche photodiodes for the 800 to 2,200nm near-infrared band manufactured by GPD Optoelectronics Corporation

CL-200a photometer

Pro-Lite has launched the CL-200a from Konica Minolta, an illuminance colorimeter that provides accurate lux, CCT, chromaticity and dominant wavelength measurements, including for LEDs

JAZ light meter

The JAZ light meter, available from Pro-Lite, is a pre-configured, pre-calibrated, portable spectroradiometer for reporting the illuminance (lux) from LEDs and solid state lighting (SSL)


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