Ford uses body tracking to reduce injury rate among employees

03 August 2018

Ford is using body tracking technology consisting of light sensors and cameras to analyse how its car assembly employees move, in order to design less physically stressful working environments.

Trumpf acquires Teufel Solutions

01 August 2018

Trumpf has acquired a full stake in Teufel Solutions, effective 1 August

Metrohm acquires B&W Tek to enhance Raman product line

27 July 2018

Spectroscopy firm B&W Tek, based in Delaware, USA, has been acquired by Metrohm, a chemical analysis firm based in Switzerland

Researchers develop laser capable of producing sound using light

24 July 2018

A team of international researchers led by engineers at Washington University in St. Louis has developed a tuneable laser capable of producing phonons

VCSELs key technology in EU project for fast, high-capacity internet

23 July 2018

European scientists are using lasers to create light-speed broadband connections and remove the data bottlenecks that could cause the internet to grind to a halt as demand increases

LIG Nanowise raises £2.6m for 'accessible super-resolution imaging'

19 July 2018

LIG Nanowise, a developer of super-resolution microscope technology, has announced the completion of its seed funding round, raising £2.6m

Bruker acquires JPK Instruments

18 July 2018

Microscope developer Bruker has acquired JPK Instruments, located in Berlin, Germany, which adds in-depth expertise in live-cell imaging to Bruker's portfolio

NASA laser interferometer makes first measurements

11 July 2018

The laser ranging interferometer (LRI) instrument has been successfully switched on aboard the recently launched twin US/German Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On (GRACE-FO) satellites

Leti launches project to characterise lidar sensors

11 July 2018

French research institute Leti has announced a pilot programme to characterise and assess lidar sensors for autonomous vehicles

Schott to acquire laser glass-bonding firm Primoceler

09 July 2018

Schott has entered into an agreement to acquire Primoceler, a Finnish specialist in glass micro bonding, to advance its competance in the field of hermetic packaging. Primoceler’s technology creates new possibilities for protection of sensitive electronics

Bystronic acquires sheet metal processing automation specialist

06 July 2018

Swiss sheet metalworking equipment manufacturer Bystronic has acquired a 70 per cent stake in Italian technology firm Antil Spa in order to expand its range of technologies

World's most intense laser system declared fully operational

05 July 2018

After five years of development, the world’s most intense diode-pumped petawatt laser has been declared fully integrated and operational