15 May 2018

On Semiconductor has acquired SensL Technologies, a producer of silicon photomultipliers, single photon avalanche diodes, and lidar sensing products

11 May 2018

Tool installation has begun on schedule at AIM Photonics Test, Assembly and Packaging (TAP) facility in Rochester, which is expected to open to early customers in the 3rd quarter of 2018

10 May 2018

French research institute Leti is partnering with UCLA spin-off Cellmic, in order to help accelerate the market adoption of the firm's lens-free on-chip diagnostic technology, which it plans to incorporate into pocket-sized devices

09 May 2018

Researchers in Austria have tested a pair of implantable hearing devices based on fibre optic technology. The technology is based on completely contact-free fibre-optic technology, which senses the tiniest ossicle movements and uses them to stimulate the acoustic nerves

03 May 2018

Coherent has made its first investment in the metal additive manufacturing market, with the acquisition of OR Laser, a German-based firm that has developed an affordable 3D metal printer designed for SMEs

03 May 2018

A Harvard Research team led by Nobel laureate Eric Betzig has developed a microscope that combines lattice light-sheet microscopy with adaptive optics to capture 3D images and videos of cells inside living organisms in high resolution

03 May 2018

Business leaders and researchers have released an industry compendium to inform commercial and political decision-makers about the potential of diverse types of particle accelerators and their applications, as well as their benefits in the fields of health, security and safety

01 May 2018

The Optical Society (OSA) has announced the OSA Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy Recognition, which serves to acknowledge OSA members, companies or organisations that demonstrate efforts to foster greater appreciation, advancement and celebration of diversity and inclusivity

26 April 2018

BMW has selected a solid-state lidar solution from Israeli company Innoviz Technologies for series production of its autonomous vehicles, starting in 2021

26 April 2018

Imec, a research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics, energy and digital technologies based in Belgium, has become the coordinator of a three-year EU-funded project that gathers known leaders in the field of perovskite PV technology

23 April 2018

Illumination firm Osram and automotive manufacturer Continental have established a 50-50 joint venture that will combine their expertise in automotive lighting

23 April 2018

Bruker has acquired Anasys Instruments, a privately held company that develops and manufactures nanoscale infrared spectroscopy and thermal measurement instruments