07 December 2017

Excelitas Technologies has been acquired by funds sponsored by AEA Investors LP (AEA Investors)

07 December 2017

The Echelle SPectrograph for Rocky Exoplanet and Stable Spectroscopic Observations (ESPRESSO) has made its first observations. Installed on ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile, ESPRESSO will search for exoplanets by looking at the minuscule changes in the light of their host stars.

07 December 2017

Research institute Leti has integrated hybrid III-V silicon lasers on 200mm wafers using a standard CMOS process flow, offering an alternative to 100mm wafers and a process based on bulk III-V technology that requires contacts with noble metals and lift-off based patterning

27 November 2017

Photonics group Jenoptik's revenue rose by 7.0 per cent year-over-year to €526.8 million in the first nine months of 2017, with revenue increasing by 7.7 per cent in the third quarter alone

23 November 2017

A new light-sheet microscope has been used to obtain 3D images fine enough to capture neural connections, which could lead to an increased understanding of neuro-degenerative diseases and organ regeneration

20 November 2017

A laser module that will be used to analyse organic matter on Mars as part of a European-Russian space mission, has been delivered to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center by the Laser Zentrum Hannover

14 November 2017

Casting has begun for the fifth mirror of the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT), a 24.5-metre near infrared and visible telescope comprising seven 8.4-metre mirror segments

08 November 2017

Laser manufacturer Coherent has exceeded $2.0 billion in annual orders, with net sales of $1.72 billion and a net income of $207.1 million for the fiscal year ending 30 September 2017, a 101 per cent and 137 per cent increase respectively compared to the previous year

07 November 2017

Argo AI, an artificial intelligence subsidiary of Ford that produces software for autonomous vehicles, has acquired lidar firm Princeton Lightwave to accelerate the development of its own self-driving technology

07 November 2017

Velodyne Lidar, a US firm providing sensing solutions for autonomous vehicles, has partnered with French firm YellowScan to produce a UAV lidar system for civil engineering and mining applications.

06 November 2017

The world’s first open access Quantum Technologies Innovation Centre (QTIC) is set to be established at the University of Bristol in the UK by 2021, with the objective of commercialising quantum research and positioning the UK as a global leader in the field of quantum technology

31 October 2017

Trumpf has reported pre-tax income increases of 11.3 per cent to €337.2 million and a 21 per cent increase in orders received to €3.4 billion over the 2016/17 fiscal year ending 30 June 2017