Lasers and diodes


The titanium-doped sapphire (Ti:Sapphire) has been unveiled by Synoptics, a supplier for a diverse commercial business that operates in the medical, industrial and scientific laser markets

BB-635 and BB-650

During the Laser World of Photonics Show in Munich, BBright, the new French laser module specialist, unveiled its first Red Laser modules, BB-635 and BB-650

Explorer One XP 355-2

Spectra-Physics has introduced three new additions to its Explorer One line of ultra-compact actively Q-switched diode pumped solid state (DPSS) lasers with enhanced UV performance

Excelsior One NB 488-50

Spectra-Physics introduces the new Excelsior One NB 488-50, a narrow bandwidth 488 nm direct diode laser for powering bio-instrumentation applications

Q-smart Twins and Elba laser systems

Quantel Laser has released Q-smart Twins, a flexible, double pulse, YAG laser system designed for researchers performing particle image velocimetry (PIV), laser induced fluorescence (LIF), laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) and holography experim

SCW 1430 laser diode module series

OSI Laser Diode launch the SCW 1430 laser diode module series at Laser World of Photonics, Munich. The 1490 nm Al RWG F/P laser diode series is designed for optical test applications

LuOcean Mini series

Lumics has announced it is re-setting the benchmark for the LuOcean Mini series, the company's product range for diode laser-based devices for medical and industrial applications








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