Lasers and diodes

Flexpoint laser module series

The FLEXPOINT laser module series now includes dot and line lasers at 488nm. Therefore, in addition to 405nm and 450nm, a third wavelength is available in the blue spectral range

Frequency comb DFC

TOPTICA's difference frequency comb DFC operates with CERO technology ('zero-vCEO') which obtains a phase-stable laser output with an inherently vanishing frequency offset

Blue Compact diode

Dilas, the diode laser company now offers a diode laser system in visible blue wavelength at 450nm suitable for a range of applications in illumination and materials processing

Industrial diode stacks

Dilas, the diode laser company, now introduces a device that allows for long pulse length and high duty cycle in high-energy laser applications

240W, 915nm Fiber Laser Pump Module

Dilas, the diode laser company has expanded the wavelength range of its tailored bar based, scalable concept with its new high brightness fiber laser pump module delivering up to 240W optical output power at 915nm


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