Lasers and diodes

Legend Elite

The new Legend Elite from Coherent is a one-box regenerative ultrafast amplifier that features several major improvements over earlier models, including superior stability.

OEM fibre lasers

Manlight of France has launched a new series of high-power OEM fibre lasers. The fibre lasers avoid difficult alignment or stabilisation of optical parts.

EO Laser Diode Modules

Edmund Optics proudly introduces a line of EO Laser Diode Modules, which produces high-quality beams at low cost. These modules are ideal for integration by OEMs.

405nm Photon laser diode

Photonic Products has launched a 25mW version of its 405nm (blue-violet) Photon laser diode module with TTL modulation. It provides a higher energy density and a higher signal-to-noise ratio.


Elliot Scientific has introduced the Atlas pump laser. Utilising glass phosphate technology, Atlas is designed to deliver 2 x 25J pulses in the green with 20ns pulse duration.


Photonic Products has introduced two new red laser diodes from Opnext that combine a low operating current with a high optical output power for use in scanners and measuring equipment.

S8664-1010 Avalanche Photodiode

Hamamatsu’s S8664-1010 silicon APD (avalanche photodiode) provides a large, 10 x 10mm active area and several other benefits that make it suitable for design into analytical instruments for low-light-level measurement.

Sanyo Dl-5416-152 laser diode

Photonic Products has launched a new blue-violet wavelength (405nm) laser diode. It incorporates an internal monitor photodiode that can be utilised to accurately stabilise and control the optical output power.


Laser Components has introduced its Si APDs, which sit alongside its pulsed laser diodes at 850nm and 905nm, also produced in house. They have gained immediate acceptance in the market.

PbSe lasers

Laser Components is offering PbSe lasers for high-resolution absorption spectroscopy. They have good tunability, and are ideal spectral sources for industrial or medical gas sensors.








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