Sensors and detectors

UVD and UVE photodiodes

OSI Optoelectronics (OSIO), a supplier of standard and OEM photodiodes and high-power light sources, now offers UV-enhanced planar diffused silicon photodiodes specially designed for low-light-level detection in the ultraviolet spectral range

MH02 pre-mounted PSDs

Laser Components has launched the MH02 range of pre-mounted position sensing detectors (PSDs) with one-dimensional sizes up to 60mm and two-dimensional sizes up to 45mm x 45mm

NXIR-5C NIR photodiode

Opto Diode has introduced the NXIR-5C, a red to near-infrared enhanced photodiode with a circular active area of 5mm squared


STMicroelectronics has released the VL53L1, the company’s third-generation laser-ranging sensor based on its FlightSense technology


Opto Diode showcased the NXIR-RF100C, a red and near-infrared enhanced, reduced-footprint, surface-mount device (SMD) photodiode at Photonics West

CCD-in-CMOS TDI Sensors

Imec showcased a prototype of a high-performance multispectral time-delay-integration (TDI) imager based on CCD-in-CMOS technology at Photonics West

AP Technologies Limited

APT distributes high performance optoelectronic components from Ultraviolet to near infrared.  Our capabilities include high power LEDs and arrays;  single- & multimode laser diodes; silicon photodiodes;  photodiode-preamplifier hybrids; Silicon Photomultipliers (SPMs) and Photon Counting systems.








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