WITec Suite

WITec Suite software is now available for all WITec imaging systems. Through the software architecture and graphical user interface, an integrated and consolidated functionality is available incorporating the various techniques and measurement modes

OSLO v6.6.2

Lambda Research has released OSLO v6.6.2, which contains significant updates and enhancements on previous versions

RepTile Texture utility for TracePro

Lambda Research has enhanced the RepTile Texture utility in the latest release of its TracePro software. TracePro's RepTile features are an on-the-fly surface creation feature that creates repetitive microstructures on any planar surface


Lambda Research has introduced improved photorealistic rendering with the latest release of its flagship product, TracePro

StarLab 3.0

Ophir Photonics has launched StarLab 3.0, laser measurement software that converts a PC into a multi-channel laser power/energy station. The new software provides expanded functionality for displaying, formatting, and viewing data

VRXperience lighting simulator

Optis, a software developer for the scientific simulation of light, has launched VRXperience, a driving simulator with real-time light and human vision effects

Spectroscopy 101 curriculum

Ocean Optics has launched a new version of its Spectroscopy 101 curriculum for teaching laboratories. For use with the Red Tide and ChemUSB spectrophotometers, Spectroscopy 101 has been updated for new OceanView software








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