A laser-based gas analyser that employs novel optical parametric oscillator (OPO) technology was a finalist in this year’s SPIE Prism Awards

The Flexpoint MV18 line laser module from Laser Components, thanks to its M18 thread, can easily be integrated into standardised systems

Vision Engineering’s recently unveiled EVO Cam II digital microscope offers excellent image quality, intuitive operation and a host of new features over its predecessor

Siskiyou has introduced a new range of diffraction grating mounts, the GMx series, which combine rotational adjustment of square components in all three axes and support both reflective and transmissive optics

Holo/Or’s new single element collimated beam shaper, the Top Hat Cube, is a 25mm cube element that can shape any 3mm input beam into a collimated square or round top hat beam

Edmund Optics’ new Techspec Monolithic Reflective Beam Expanders (Mark I), are ideal for applications that require broadband or achromatic beam expansion

Ushio, a global provider of optical devices, has launched the HL63391DG and HL63392DG, two single transverse mode 639nm laser diodes with optical output power of 200mW

Alphasense has launched a new version of its optical particle counter

Part of the development of advanced endoscopes is scaling down the components that position the micro-optics inside of them

In this iteration, Speos contains new features benefitting the automotive industry, such as headlight simulation and the simulation of internal materials

Edmund Optics has introduced new Techspec λ/20 ultraviolet fused silica (UVFS) right angle prisms

Continuously variable bandpass filters offer a good middle ground for building hyperspectral imaging solutions, says Delta Optical Thin Film’s Oliver Pust