01 June 2018

Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) are impacting the biomedical field by providing fast, reliable and cost-effective diagnostic devices.

06 February 2018

The webinar, organised by MIRPHAB, presents the working principles, applications and existing capabilities of MIR chemical sensors in Europe, featuring Adam Piotrowski (VIGO Systems), Ana Gonzalez (EPIC/MIRPHAB) and Fabio Pavanell (Ugent/IMEC).

06 February 2018

This webinar, organised by PIXAPP, focuses on the fundamentals of PIC-based devices and packaging, with presentations from Dr Ana Gonzalez (EPIC), and Dr Lee Carroll (Tyndall Institute).

09 December 2015

This webcast explores and evaluates the application of optical spectroscopy within fields as diverse as ancient glass research, and food quality and safety. Rounding off the webcast, the third and final presentation provides an overview of the development of optofluidic chips. Aimed at a broad range of industry professionals, this webcast is a must for anyone with a desire to learn how far spectrometers have progressed from laboratory-based tasks.