White Papers

07 May 2019

The fastest imaging technique on the market. Combining high-speed ASOPS and efficient THz generation antenna allows for spectroscopic imaging at 10 kpixels / second acquisition speed, with an excellent signal to noise ratio.

25 April 2019

With an explosion of scientific interest in graphene based material for its incredible electronic, optical, and physical properties; it became clear that we needed to develop a cost effective instrument that could be used for quality determination as well as characterization. Raman spectroscopy has long been the most versatile tool for this; however, with Graphene’s low Raman scatter, frequent impurities, and low laser damage thresholds typically only high-end Raman microscopy systems (costing hundreds of thousands of dollars) were available for the job.

Here we present a new lower cost instrument, the StellarNet HYPER-Nova, which bridges this performance gap. Also, we discuss some of the more practical issues surrounding Raman spectroscopy of Graphene as well as many useful features for graphene characterization found in its Raman spectrum.

01 April 2019

Confocal Raman imaging and related techniques continue to increase in popularity. This whitepaper describes five key factors to consider when evaluating instrumentation: speed, sensitivity, resolution, modularity and upgradeability, and combinability.

18 December 2018

A remarkable number of photonic applications call for continuous-wave (cw) laser light that is widely tunable throughout the visible range of the spectrum. However, this spectral region remains difficult to access with conventional tunable laser devices.